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Wholesale Affordable and Stylish Women's Clothing

Wholesale Affordable and Stylish Women's Clothing

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Congratulations on starting your retail business. If you are here you have already got everything figured out; the legal structure, your business channels, the kind of services/products you want to sell. All that is left is to stock up and start selling.

Whether you're fresh off the boat or an already existing company, there's no denying that finding a good supplier can be difficult. What's worse is finding one who has all the products you need at expensive rates with unbearably long delivery dates.

It can be frustrating, I have been there. That's why you should let global-lover online clothing store supply you everything women's clothing. Our products range from jumpsuits and maxi dresses to swimwear and accessories. Just take a look at some of our products.

Remember that sexy, strapped, floral print dress that went viral on Twitter? All it took was a picture of someone rocking it, and everyone was running to Aliexpress to order one.

Women want to feel good in their clothes. And even more than that, they want to be the one starting trends because of how good they look.

Our sexy butterfly jumpsuit is guaranteed to make your customers feel good, once they put it on, which will make you their go-to retailer.

Please take a look at our other wholesale jumpsuits by browsing through our jumpsuit category

Winter fashion can be such a bore; the thick sweaters, scarves and boots. It gets monotonous after a while. And the worst part is after winter you tuck it all away.

These days, women multifunctional clothes.

They want something they can wear all through the year by styling it with different accessories.

Take, for example, a summer dress. If you need something to keep you warm on a breezy day without choking you once the temperature goes up, you need our knitted sweater dress.

Both stylish and functional, the dress sports an intricate design that is eye-catching enough to make you stand out, yet so simple it can be worn anywhere. And not to mention anytime.                         

Women want to feel like they're getting value for their money.

And our online store is dedicated to giving you that value.

Find wholesale dresses like this one by browsing through our dress category 

Looking for something different? We have all types of dresses available, click here to have a look.

There's nothing like a day on the beach. The water crashing, the sand between your toes and your body in a fantastic bathing suit.

Hundreds to thousands of people are guaranteed to be on the beach when you're there. Let our women's clothing store make you the centre of attention with our unique swimwear collection

This beautiful 2-piece features a high waist bottom to accentuate your waist and hips. While the bandeau gives you adequate coverage without taking away the feeling of being on the beach. And the ruffles? Adding that extra razzle-dazzle of course. And who doesn't like ruffles?

Pair this set with a classic beach bag and sun hat and watch as people stare at you like a 90’s model.

Are you looking for something sexier? We have all sorts of wholesale swimwear lined up for you to choose. And that includes beach towels and dresses. Click here to check them out.

Placing An Order and Payment

At Global-Lover, our priority is ensuring that we make things easy for you. To place an order for an item, choose what colour and size you want it in and press the checkout button. You will be taken to a payment page.

If you want to order more than one item, choose the colour and size you want select add to cart. Or tap on the cart icon and you'll be prompted to select a colour and size before it automatically adds to cart.

When you're done shopping, select checkout to see your total and make payment.

To make shopping with us as seamless as possible, we offer several payment methods. Currently, our payment methods include, Paypal, Paypal Credit, cards such as Visa card and Mastercard, bank transfer, Amex and Discover.


Everybody loves a good deal. And that's why we're offering discounts on customers who purchase items worth over $500.

Here are the percentage discounts given on purchases over:

$500 – 3%

$1000 – 5%

$2500 – 10%


We've all heard stories of retailers who ordered for good and didn't get then until weeks after the estimated delivery date. And worse, with no explanation.

This leaves them frustrated to deal with their agitated customers who have already paid for their goods.

You won't hear anything like that about our online store. During checkout, you can select how you want your goods to be sent to you.

For door-to-delivery, you can choose from TNT, DHL, UPS and EMS. We also offer airline and sea delivery.

And do not worry about the wait time. Ideally, your order should be with you in 7 business days or less. If it isn't, there is a reason for it and be rest assured you will know why.

Why Us?

Global-lover is a woman's online clothing store focused on giving you high-quality, stylish clothes at an affordable price. We specialize in selling items that are unique and multifunctional, guaranteed to make your customers the centre of attention. Leaving them with that feel-good feeling after stepping into your clothes.

We also offer various payment and shipping methods, making transacting with us as seamless as possible, and saving you time and stress.

We acknowledge when you patronize us, and that is why we offer discounts from day one. New signups get $5 off their purchase. While bulk purchases from above $500 get even better discount rates.

Finally, you can be sure to have your item at your doorstep when you order for it. By partnering with internationally known shipping services such as DHL and EMS, you can always track your items.

And even better, contact someone when experiencing any difficulties.

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